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) o) Go to Network / Interfaces You will find here only the (green) and WAN (red) interfaces.Now we will have to add the VLAN-Interface ( I called it GLAN, you can call it GAN - it doesn't matter) - the G because of the global IPs!Script recovered from the Way Back Machine: Dlink DIR825#notextile-Automatic-flashing-script-notextile With this script it's not necessary to force your NIC to work @ 10/100 Mb/s and it's not necessary using IE7 Since Attitude Adjustment beta 2, some images are suffixed with "-fat" to indicate they will be able to use more flash that the factory firmware uses by default.It does this by moving the wireless interface calibration data at the end of the flash.Discussion and more information can be found in this thread. Maybe other chips from other manufacturers can be used, only they has to have 32Mx16 organization.

It turn the D-Link DIR-825 into an Netgear WNDR3700. It may be necessary to run the original firmware and configure the device at least once.The DIR-825 requires some rather peculiar TCP settings, and relies on some broken IE6 behaviour, which is why flashing with Firefox on Linux (or Firefox on Windows) doesn't work.The ruby script on the next section does *NOT* always work for this reason (perhaps due to different versions of ruby or underlying having different defaults).I therefore have hacked on (it's not nearly my best work) a basic ' C' program that flashes the DIR-825 (and probably DIR-600/601 as well).It uses the HTTP headers as IE6 and uses the required TCP settings under Linux.

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