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There is just something too unsexy about having to remove a diaper in order to have sex with someone. They have such a thing as "condom catheters" for men.There is a difference if it's a medical problem and it's temporary, but I dont know if i could handle it if it was a pre-existing problem. It is as non-invasive as slipping a condom over the penis.if he would need me as a caregiver, it might create a situation where he wouldn't feel like my equal partner, in which case it would become an issue. Is this not a similar question to dating someone who needs a wheelchair to get around? Are such people destined to become single for the rest of their lives because prospective partners cannot see beyond the device need to make a sufferers life easier? Anyone of the above posters with adverse comments care to challenge me on this?I find the womens remarks particularly interesting because a great many older people suffer from bladder weakness requiring some form of protection and of that section of society the larger proportion are women. Glasses wearers and contact lense wearers beware, yours is a prop to make your life easier too!One woman had no problems at all with it, but we split for other reasons.I respect everyone's choices and have held no resentment towards anyone. I don't see a problem here at all, but that maybe due to my line of work where I am use to it.

And how early on would you want to know this information?

If it is a pre-exisiting condition, is it just going to get worse? Because he wears diapers, does he actually ever put himself in a position to take long car rides, or go anywhere restrooms are not convenient?

Maybe he doesn't and stays close to home because of it. Again we are not talking about a woman who was already in love with this person and the condition happened, we are talking about a woman meeting this man and having to decide if she is willing to have his condition affect her, too. There was a good mix from both sides for 'okay with it' and 'not okay with it'.

It's good to know that there are some people that will overlook this if they encounter it.

The majority of women that I have met were of the 'not okay with it' group.

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If they were doing it, short-term because of a medical problem or even long-term becuase of a medical problem then yes.

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