Updating sony ps3 enscription key

Then carefully remove the front panel cover by lifting up on the black plastic clips.

There are a few standard phillips screws that secure the circuit board to the front panel cover, then it just snaps out.

I’m guessing this will be how Time Warner will be providing the multi-room DVR they keep talking about.

The front does have a high gloss finish to it that catches fingerprints though.Although ever since TW deployed their new software I’ve been noticing several bugs.Since I love checking out new devices I decided to see if I could get my hands on one of the new DVRs.Broadcom doesn’t usually release spec sheets for their parts unless you’re a customer so trying to track down JTAG ports usually requires a oscilloscope and patience.Front Panel To remove the front panel take of the main cover, then disconnect the ribbon cable that attaches the front panel to the main board.

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The IR sensor is located just to the right of the power button, there is a small circle where it is located.

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