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It would take an infinite amount of energy to get anything with mass (e.g. Burning all the oil (and plants, and animals) on our planet and converting them into kinetic energy would get you going really fast, but would give you exactly 0% of the total energy that you would actually need to get going that speed (since any number divided by infinity is zero).But that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be fun to speculate about what would happen if you going at light speed.

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That means, from the perspective of a person strapped to O, clocks attached to you are ticking slowly (i.e. As you approach the speed of light (with respect to O), this time dilation effect becomes more and more pronounced.

When you are exactly AT the speed of light (impossible, but bare with me) no time whatsoever will elapse for O (i.e.

In particular, the speed of the ball with respect to me will be than the sum of your speed and 5 m/s.

At low speeds this effect is not noticeable (speeds are additive to very close approximation), but at speeds close to the speed of light the effect becomes very pronounced.

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