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Samantha Lee Ciotta (above), a California high school teacher, was arrested and charged for allegedly having sex with an underage student for several months.

She was booked on suspicion of unlawful sexual intercourse and oral copulation with a minor charges Investigators with the Beaumont Police Department say she had sexual intercourse with a student for several months, according to a news release.

Now the older one is in jail for a misdemeanor, but once he’s served the time it gets even worse: 25 years of his future will be mortgaged to the Michigan sex offender registry.

“Often those charged with sex offenses are shamed into silence.

Worse yet, Les and Amanda Anderson, who run a small Elkhart media and printing company, fear their son could face a lifetime on Indiana’s sex offender registry on returning to the Elkhart area after his jail sentence is up.

“Here’s the thing: This mistake should not haunt him the rest of his life,” Les Anderson says from the family home in east Elkhart.

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'My husband is going through school to be a Paramedic/Firefighter. We love spending time together as a family and we cherish every single moment!

' Authorities believe there may be other possible victims and have asked anyone with information to call the Police Department at 951-769-8500.

The student also told authorities that they had communicated inappropriately through various messaging platforms.

Ciotta, who is a married mother of one, was placed on leave by the Beaumont Unified School District during the police investigation into the matter.

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