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When these mutant mice are bred to mice that express Cre recombinase, resulting offspring will have exons 3 and 4 deleted in the cre-expressing tissue(s).

The Donating Investigator reports that the presence of the FRT site flanked PGK-Neo cassette has no detectable effect on gene expression in this strain.

Correctly targeted ES cells were injected into recipient blastocysts.

If the mice are lost after the first three days (post-arrival) or do not produce progeny at your facility, a new order and fee will be necessary. Payment for services, products, shipping containers, and shipping costs that are rendered are expected within the payment terms indicated on the invoice or stated by contract.

The total number, sex, and genotypes provided will vary, although typically 8 or more animals are provided. While the genotypes of all animals produced will be communicated to you prior to scheduling shipment, the genotypes of animals provided may not reflect the mating scheme and genotypes described in the strain description.

Animals are typically ready to ship in 11-14 weeks.

From a technology and price perspective, Zoosk is on top of its game, so you definitely won’t regret downloading it.

There are many ways to contact us, and we'd like to hear from you.

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