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Divya: nai bhaiya maine aisa kab kaha Amit: Kaise pareshan krte hain tumhe?Divya: line marte hain and all that comments karte hain it’s very disturbing Amit: Tum ho hi itani smart aur sexy Divya: bhaiya. 25 years old and this is a real conversation which I had with a girl who I met in Nimbuzz. So I thought, why not share her conversation with you all.I am sure you all will like it and as it makes me hard, anytime I read it.Hii dear friends,iam ankita from bhopal,now in delhi..I love rain,flowers,seashore...infact walking on seashore just in a bikni...i simply luv whatever way he wants..whatever position he needs....hehehe lol....I am a beauty and figure conscious girl..i received “miss best walk” award recently,,,i do regular aerobics/yoga to keep myself flexible and in sexy shape..oh yeah, i just love a phone sex chat where we can share our desires and become friends.

pata nai kyo bhaiya Amit: Aisa hota hai sis Jab bi chudwane ka man kre to chut gili ho jati hai Divya: hmmmm.I felt may be she has a brother and she feels for him.So she must be getting excited by relating me with my sister Shradha. Wednesday, April 25, 2012 Amit: Hi Divya says: hi Amit: you from? Divya: 21 Amit: Ok Divya: do you have any real sister? Amit: 21 Divya: oh my god me 2 strange anyways what’s your age?Amit: you’re also my sister now my age is 25 Divya: great what is the name of your sister.Amit: Shradha Divya: do you feel anything for your sis Amit: Ya sum time tell me about you Divya: how much would you rate yourself and your sis out of 10 look wise Amit: 8 n 9 Divya: okay consider me your little sis teach me things I don’t know Amit: Ok you ask sis Divya: ok bhaiya consider me your real sis and relate me with the real incidence of your life with your sister ok Amit: ok Koi ladaka tumhe pasand hai sis clg me? sab ladke gande hote hain Amit: Mujhe batao Aisa kyu sochati ho tum Divya: wo ladkio ko pareshan karte hain na bhaiya Amit: Kya me bi ganda hu?

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