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She once told the story of how her first-grade teacher taught the class about a “brave lady” who vanished while trying to fly around the world.When the teacher told the class the brave pilot’s name, the other kids started teasing Earhart, who started loathing the name “Amelia.” For a long time, she stopped using it.The social media aspect of the trip is “really important,” said Earhart, who also has kept supporters up-to-date on Facebook as she prepares.“It’s not been done before to this extent,” she said.But round-the-world flights aren’t all that common.

As they fly over Howland Island, the destination the first Amelia Earhart never reached before she disappeared, she will tweet out the names of several young women who will receive flight scholarships from her new nonprofit, the Fly With Amelia Foundation.She named her Amelia “because it was really kind of a quirky thing.” “I wanted her to have a name that her teachers would always remember,” Dale said.“We never, ever, talked about flying when she was little.“I have goosebumps just thinking about this,” she wrote on Facebook.“What will it feel like to open the hangar doors the morning of June 26th?

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One day, feeling kind of feisty, Earhart said, she signed Amelia, not Amy, on a debate tournament form.

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