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But I'm adapting." Professor Mc Grath reached out and rubbed Lana by the shoulder, in gentle pats and strokes, then pulled her hand back after the point was made. " Naturally, Lana was caught off-guard by her professor's small medical dilemma, or whatever it was. The first thing that came to Lana's mind was that it must have been sweat. Lana was that kind of girl; always willing to help, and always offering a helping hand. Since after all, matters of my breasts are highly confidential, especially on campus." "How would that work? They never knew it was me, but I felt so bad that..." "No, no. If you're going to be dealing with my breasts, then I want to hear something about yours." It was a fair trade, Lana thought, and she noticed a subtle change in the professor's demeanor, as if the teacher was letting her guard down. "So, breasts and nudity are nothing shocking to you." "Nope," Lana gulped. "Maybe we should discuss figures now," Lana said, slightly suggestive.

There were two wet spots which seemingly appeared out of nowhere. I don't mind." The offer was earnest and completely sincere. And given the sensitivity of the matter, there must be something that binds us to secrecy. "In the eighth grade, I stole a frog from the school science room. We'd also shred the pictures to a million pieces afterwards so no one could ever see them." Professor Mc Grath lifted an eyebrow and pursed her lips. The teacher's moment of weakness and eye gazing had the surprising effect of making Lana moist.

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"I have a million things to do everyday, between teaching and some of the work I still do at the DA's office. That means I have to nurse early in the morning, usually around 5 am." Lana nodded. It must feel like it builds up sometimes when it gets closer to the afternoon since you haven't released any in a long time." "Correct. It's just, I've never seen it actually leak before." The professor gave a curt shrug.

I know what you meant." "Sorry, don't answer that." "It's fine," the professor smiled.

It was the first time that Lana had ever seen the professor look so vulnerable. Then she heard the sound of the teacher unbuttoning her blouse and lifting her bra up, followed by sounds of flesh being wiped by tissue. It was only halfway done, and Lana got a nice look at the center of the teacher's chest, along with a white bra in the middle.

There are wet spots." For a brief moment, a mortified look came over the teacher's face when she realized what had happened. " "Of course." Lana turned her seat around so that she faced the wall. There was a sound of a bra being pulled down and adjusted, followed by the sound of clothes ruffling. Lana turned back and saw that the teacher hadn't finished buttoning up her blouse yet.

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Lana had done her fair share of fantasizing when it came to other women, but never with something like this in mind.

She had spent her free time thinking of all the naughty little things she'd like to do with a woman nearly twice her own age, with far more stature in life. This time, however, the top two buttons of the teacher's blouse were left undone, which bared the top of her chest. But the professor clearly had other things in mind for those milky breasts of hers. For the past few months, everything was strictly academic.

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It was a private meeting in the teacher's office, just a few weeks before midterm exams. In those days, Professor Mc Grath was considered one of the esteemed female academics in the country when it came to criminal law, and Lana was thankful that she was able to get a one-on-one meeting like this. Others need solo attention." They were sitting side-by-side, and Lana was amazed by the teacher's command of the law. "If you stumble in class, I don't think any less of you. We need more women like you in this profession." "That means graduating from law school first." The professor nodded. For instance, if..." Professor Mc Grath stopped in her tracks for some odd reason. And I agree with your proposal." Lana took a glance at the chest she'd be working with. " "Now, you keep your eyes back on the paper and we'll finish up our discussion on essay writing." "Oh, right." *** Criminal law was held on 9 am, each Wednesday. If so, Lana felt a shortness of breath and wondered to herself if she could actually do it. The thought had never occurred to her before, that a mature, sophisticated woman would ever want such a thing. She looked over the student from head to toe, not bothering to hide the fact that her gazing was so obvious. She grabbed it and was about to place it on the outside door handle. All the while, Professor Mc Grath was turned away as she prepared to be nursed in her office.

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