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Paypal, Interac money transfer or direct bank deposit (TD Bank) are my preferred methods of payment for all of my fees and disbursements. conduct a property title search in the Province of Ontario, Canada you must do one of two things. Attend the land registry office in the region related to the property you want to search. the land registry office for the city of Mississauga is located in Brampton, Ontario) Follow this link for a list of Land Registry Offices in Ontario, Canada Ask the staff at the registry office to guide you in searching your own title. vehicles, small loans), mortgage preparation and registrations, lien & caution registrations etc. One must be a licensed user of Teranet to be able to access any property information province wide. In this post, I’ll briefly and simply outline the world of title searching in Ontario, Canada.

Automation (the transformation of paper records to electronic data) of the land registry systems started some 10 years ago in London, Ontario, Canada.

vehicles, small loans), mortgage preparation and registrations, lien & caution registrations etc.

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Through a proper title search you will learn the owners name, when they bought, how much they paid, property boundaries, legal descriptions, outstanding mortgages, easement, rights of way, any other parties may have an interest in the land (spousal interest etc) .

Usual entries on any title abstract include agreements, easements, transfer (deed), charges (mortgages), orders, leases, by-laws & restrictions.

Agreements can be many different parties, but are generally between developers and municipalities.

He also provides numerous other legal services including title document registration (inter-spousal transfers, transfers to other family members or individuals) litigation searches, incorporations, PPSA inquiries (personal property ie.A lawyer’s charge for something of this nature would be in the 0.00 range.Paralegal / Title Searcher such as myself…less than half of that! This is a simple process for a licensed title searcher such as myself and all title information is guaranteed accurate by the Government of Ontario.Let’s say you need to search the title to your land or any other land in the Province of Ontario. See my post Title Searching in Ontario, Canada 101.Are you interested in investigating your spouse to know what other properties might he/she have an interest in? I am a Paralegal / Title Searcher in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

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