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In your physical life, you’ll notice a delay between your initial thought and the time it takes to become a real event. If you learn to observe yourself in your daily life, your “Play” becomes more apparent.

You discover that your learning essential abilities and solving vital problems.

This happens for one of two reasons: either your Chakras are opening up or you are picking up specific energy signals.

You feel a stronger connection to the spirit world.

People you meet in your future are first contacted telepathically by your inner self.

To some degree you make friends with those who have many similarities with you .

It’s becomes increasingly easier for you to sense a presence.

Whether its your loved one’s or someone elses’ loved ones.

If you’re becoming telepathic, then you’ll likely develop an appetite to learn.People think of telepathy as being an isolated skill or a difficult and rare ability which is unreachable by the average folk. Telepathy is present in each one of us, at least to a certain degree.For example, when you meet a new friend or partner, you first connect with this person at an energetic level.There’s no one-size-fits-all reason as to why someone becomes a telepath. For example, there are those who are simply born with a sense of knowing.These people talk about seeing spirits and various other apparitions.

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