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It's when I come to relationships that I need to practice patience and tolerance."Besides having problems in her relationships, Frost, who is famous for her Bob hairstyle, has gone through a lot of other troubles in her personal life as well.Actress Frost became a victim of illegal phone hacking scandal when the Mirror Group Newspapers hacked her phone calls along with other personalities like Paul Gascoigne and Alan Yentobr.Continue reading: 'Disruptive Behav Iour' Reportedly Gets Kate Moss Escorted Off Easy Jet Flight The 'Cold Mountain' star has thrust his love life in front of media eyes yet again by showing up at Marseille airport with the stunning beaut who looked make-up free and was wearing a red leather jacket, wet look leggings and high heeled boots.

However ask her how she manages to look so good at 50 — it is her birthday today — and she’ll launch into her passion for healthy eating, yoga and meditation. even if one of them (Kate Moss) did argue with easy Jet flight attendants and end up being escorted from the flight home by police, all over duty-free vodka and a lack of sarnies.This might explain why she took her bezzies on a juice-fast detox “holiday” to celebrate her birthday . So how does Frost, once queen bee of the Primrose Hill party set, really feel…Sadie Frost (born Sadie Liza Vaugman on March 27, 1968), British actress, is probably best known for her marriage to (and break up from) British actor Jude Law which has made her a staple of the tabloids.The actress who posted a photograph of herself as a teenager on the beach on Instagram last month, said in an interview with The Times newspaper: "I wanted to be able to tick all the boxes, so I put expectations on myself.I am happy with my career, I am happy with my kids, so it was 'now I want the perfect relationship'.

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The Mirror Group allegedly hacked their conversation from her phone for several years and published news about her attending a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2005.

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